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  • Investigating the effect of a stress-based uniaxial anisotropy on the magnetic behaviour of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 elements
    K. J. O’Shea, K. Bova, D. McGrouther, D. A. MacLaren
    EPJ Web of Conferences, 75 (2014) 05017
    Published online: 2014-09-10, DOI: 10.1051/epjconf/20147505017
    Abstract | PDF (625.2 KB)
  • Computational simulation characteristics desorption in TPS aggregates
    Sergey Goldaev, Alisher Khushvaktov
    EPJ Web of Conferences, 76 (2014) 01041
    Published online: 2014-08-27, DOI: 10.1051/epjconf/20147601041
    Abstract | PDF (81.33 KB)
  • The dynamics of a vapour bubble growth under the boiling of a subcooled liquid in low volumes
    Evgenija Orlova, Geniy Kuznetsova, Dmitriy Feoktistovb
    EPJ Web of Conferences, 76 (2014) 01040
    Published online: 2014-08-27, DOI: 10.1051/epjconf/20147601040
    Abstract | PDF (304.5 KB)
  • The evaporation of the water-sodium chlorides solution droplets on the heated substrate
    Evgenija Orlova, Geniy Kuznetsov, Dmitriy Feoktistov
    EPJ Web of Conferences, 76 (2014) 01039
    Published online: 2014-08-27, DOI: 10.1051/epjconf/20147601039
    Abstract | PDF (648.2 KB)
  • Investigation of water droplets, kerosene and ethanol deformation in the air
    Roman Volkov, Alena Zhdanova, Pavel Strizhak
    EPJ Web of Conferences, 76 (2014) 01038
    Published online: 2014-08-27, DOI: 10.1051/epjconf/20147601038
    Abstract | PDF (288.2 KB)
  • Definition of water droplets “strain cycles” in air times dependences on their sizes and movement velocities
    Roman Volkov, Alena Zhdanova, Maxim Zabelin, Geniy Kuznetsov, Pavel Strizhak
    EPJ Web of Conferences, 76 (2014) 01037
    Published online: 2014-08-27, DOI: 10.1051/epjconf/20147601037
    Abstract | PDF (214.4 KB)
  • Modeling of a two-phase swirling turbulent flow in the separation chamber of the centrifugal apparatus
    Nikolay Evseev, Alexander Shvab
    EPJ Web of Conferences, 76 (2014) 01036
    Published online: 2014-08-27, DOI: 10.1051/epjconf/20147601036
    Abstract | PDF (285.4 KB)
  • Parameters of flow in cyclonic elements of separator battery
    Mihail Vasilevskiy, Pavel Zyatikov, Alecsander Roslyak, Ludmila Shishmina
    EPJ Web of Conferences, 76 (2014) 01035
    Published online: 2014-08-27, DOI: 10.1051/epjconf/20147601035
    Abstract | PDF (134.6 KB)
  • Numerical evaluation of the measurement error of temperature by surface thermocouples in the conditions of incomplete thermal contact with object of measurement
    Yuliana K. Atroshenko, Pavel A. Strizhak
    EPJ Web of Conferences, 76 (2014) 01034
    Published online: 2014-08-27, DOI: 10.1051/epjconf/20147601034
    Abstract | PDF (196.3 KB)
  • Influence of external magnetic field on thermophysical parameters of magnetic fluid based on aqueous hydrogen peroxide or ethylene glycol with a mixture of lanthanum manganite powder and toner printer cartridge
    Jamshed Zaripov, Boris Borisov
    EPJ Web of Conferences, 76 (2014) 01033
    Published online: 2014-08-27, DOI: 10.1051/epjconf/20147601033
    Abstract | PDF (252.4 KB)
I’d like to thank you for the excellent job you have done. It’s indeed a great pleasure to see that so much effort during more than one year pays off so nicely with the publication of these interesting proceedings, that I believe mark one of the most important meetings on relativistic jet physics of the last years.
It’s been indeed a pleasure to work with you and I’d definitely recommend your publishing services among my colleagues.

Dr. Jose L. Gómez, Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía, Spain
Editor EPJ Web of Conferences vol. 61, 2013

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