New associate editors in EPJ AP

EPJ Applied Physics has appointed some new associate editors over the last two months and we are very pleased to introduce our new team and their expertise.

EPJAP now stands poised to continue its original goal to become an influential international journal. The recently appointed editors will contribute to its progress with new ideas and perspectives. They are all professional, outstanding scientist who have a vast experience and are strongly motivated towards excellence. We expect that the new editorial board will increase the benefits of the EPJAP's readers and authors even further in the future.

With best regards,
Virginie Serin and Luis Vina, Editors-in-Chief

We heartily welcome Expertise
Dr Guilhem Almuneau
LAAS CNRS, Toulouse
Photonic devices, Epitaxy and technology of III-V semiconductors
Dr Manfried Bayer
Technische Universität Dortmund
Laser spectroscopy of semiconductors, quantum optics and quantum technology, spin electronics
Prof. Richard Brydson
University of Leeds
SEM, TEM, materials characterization techniques, materials for functional, environmental, energy and medical applications, nanomaterials, ab-initio materials modelling
Prof. Ramesh Budhani
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Thin films, heterostructures, two-dimensional electron gas, magnetoresistance, vortex state, proximity effect, photoconductivity, electrostatic gating, tunnel junctions
Dr Lionel Calmels
CEMES Toulouse
Electronic structure , First principles methods , Magnetic materials and nanomaterials, Interfaces
Prof. Maria Diaz-Garcia
University of Alicante
Photonics, optoelectronics, nanophotonics, nanomaterials, nanotechnologies, organics, organic materials, organic devices, nonlinear optics
Dr Bernard Geffroy
CEA Saclay
Organic Electronics, OLEDs, OPVs, OTFTs, Perovskite solar cells
Dr Philippe Goldner
Ecole nationale supérieure de chimie de Paris
Optical spectroscopy, rare earths , lasers, phosphors, quantum information processing
Dr Wojciech Knap
University Montpellier
Terahertz Excitations in solids, High magntetic fields solid state physics , Terahertz imaging, nanotransistors
Prof. Jean-Michel Nunzi
Queen's University
Nonlinear optics, solar cells, lasers, organic electronics
Prof. Dimitris Tsoukalas
National Technical University of Athens
Electron devices for memory and logic, nanoelectronics, physical and biochemical sensors
As Editors of the volume 108 of EPJ Web of Conferences, we ask you personally to accept our deep gratitude. It was a great favour to work with you and the EPJ Web of Conferences team on all stages involved in the publication of the post-processed Proceedings of MMCP 2015. We have been very satisfied with your courteous consideration of every our demand, without exception, with your contribution to finding the most convenient outcomes. Your determination to speed up the publishing process is highly appreciated.

George Adam, JINR Dubna, Russia
Michal Hnatic, Institute of Experimental Physics, Slovak Republic
Ján Buša, Technical University of Kosice, Slovak Republic
Co-editors of MMCP 2015, EPJ Web of Conferences vol. 108, 2016

ISSN: 2100-014X (Electronic Edition)

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