EPJ E - Andreas Bausch, the new biological physics EiC


This month EPJE welcomes Andreas Bausch, who takes over from Frank Jülicher, as Editor in Chief for biological physics in EPJ E – Soft Matter and Biological Physics. In his lab, Bausch applies new experimental tools of soft condensed matter physics to living cells and bio-mimetic model systems. This is his vision for biological physics within EPJE in the years to come:

“The physics of biological systems is important to develop new concepts to address the complexity of the living world. EPJE has a clear focus on the development of new physical insights – something a lot of biologically oriented journals increasingly neglect. I am absolutely convinced that it is the concept development which ultimately will guide the way for new discoveries in life science. This is only possible by combining theory and experimental approaches, and we will continue to cover both in the journal. It is fascinating to see how concepts from soft matter physics have advanced our understanding of biology. The major contributions given by soft matter scientists in recent years are becoming increasingly endorsed by biologists. At the same time biology is a major source of inspiration for soft matter.

EPJE is a journal where scientists run the journal for the scientists. We will continue to aim for the highest quality in scientific papers, starting from excellence in the peer-review all the way to a most careful production process. This is a major advantage compared to most other journals. Here we purely concentrate on the scientific content and the scientific progress achieved.”

Altogether, the publication with EDP Sciences was a very positive experience. The open-access online publication and print copies for the participants is a suitable combination. The print copies have an appealing layout and are of high quality.

The editorial process from submission to appearance was very efficient and the collaboration with the editors was pleasant.

Ronald Schwengner, HZDR, Germany
Scientific Secretary of the MESON Conference series, EPJ Web of Conferences vol. 93, 2015

ISSN: 2100-014X (Electronic Edition)

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