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EPJ Web of Conferences

Volume 23 (2012)

Eurasia-Pacific Summer School & Conference on Correlated Electrons

Turunç-Marmaris, Turkey, July 4–14, 2011
Nai-Chang Yeh, Tugrul Hakioglu and Han-Yong Choi (Eds.)

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As Editors of the volume 108 of EPJ Web of Conferences, we ask you personally to accept our deep gratitude. It was a great favour to work with you and the EPJ Web of Conferences team on all stages involved in the publication of the post-processed Proceedings of MMCP 2015. We have been very satisfied with your courteous consideration of every our demand, without exception, with your contribution to finding the most convenient outcomes. Your determination to speed up the publishing process is highly appreciated.

George Adam, JINR Dubna, Russia
Michal Hnatic, Institute of Experimental Physics, Slovak Republic
Ján Buša, Technical University of Kosice, Slovak Republic
Co-editors of MMCP 2015, EPJ Web of Conferences vol. 108, 2016

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