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Volume 59 (2013)

IFSA 2011 – Seventh International Conference on Inertial Fusion Sciences and Applications

Bordeaux, France, September 12–16, 2011
P. Mora, K. A. Tanaka and E. Moses (Eds.)

ISBN: 978-2-7598-1077-2

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I. Keynotes Addresses, General Plenary Papers and Edward Teller Medal Lectures

PHYSICS OF INERTIAL FUSION – II. Conventional Target Physics (Direct and Indirect)

III. Alternative Target Physics (Impact, Shock, Fast Ignition, ...)

IV. Implosion Hydrodynamics and Hydro-Instabilities

V. Laser and Beam Plasma Interaction

VI. Radiation Hydrodynamics

LASER, PARTICLE BEAMS, FUSION TECHNOLOGY – VII. Short Pulse Laser Facilities/Technology

VIII. High Energy Laser Facilities/Technology

IX. Heavy Ion Beam Drivers

X. Z-Pinches and Pulsed Power

XI. IFE Power Plant Technologies (Including Material Studies)

XII. Target Fabrication

XIII. ICF/Plasma Diagnostics


XV. Laboratory Astrophysics

XVI. EOS and Condensed Matter Physics (Including Planetary Sciences)

XVII. Ultra-High Intensity Laser-Matter Interaction

XVIII. Secondary Sources (Particle & X-ray Sources)

XIX. Other Applications (Including Bio-med Applications)

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