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Volume 153 (2017)

ICRS-13 & RPSD-2016, 13th International Conference on Radiation Shielding & 19th Topical Meeting of the Radiation Protection and Shielding Division of the American Nuclear Society - 2016

Paris, France, October 3-6, 2016
F. Malvagi, F. Malouch, C.M’B. Diop, J. Miss and J.C. Trama (Eds.)

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00001 - General Chair welcome message, Dr. Cheikh M. Diop, CEA/DEN, France

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00002 - President of the ANS, Dr. Andrew C. Klein, USA

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00003 - General Co-Chair, Prof. Takashi Nakamura, Tohoku University, Japan, (his Representative)

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00004 - Scientific Director of the IRSN, Dr. Gianni Bruna, France

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00005 - Deputy Director-General of OECD/NEA, Dr. Daniel Iracane, Paris

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00006 - Director of Innovation and Nuclear Support at CEA/DEN, Dr. Sylvestre Pivet, France

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00007 - “Machine and radiation protection challenges of high energy/intensity accelerators: the role of Monte Carlo calculations”, Dr. Francesco Cerutti, CERN, Switzerland

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00008 - “Outline of the Fukushima Daiichi Accident. Lessons Learned and Safety Enhancements”, Dr. Masashi Hirano, Nuclear Regulation Authority, Japan

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00009 - “Neutron Measurements in Proton Radiation Therapy”, Dr. Rebecca M. Howell, University of Texas, USA

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00010 - “From Earth to Moon, Mars and - Beyond Space Radiation and Implications for Human Exploration”, Prof. Dr. Robert F. Wimmer-Schweingruber

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00011 - “AAEA contribution to Safety enhancement in the Arab countries”, Prof. Abdelmajid Mahjoub, Arab Atomic Energy Agency, Tunisia

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00012 - Closing session synthesis

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00013 - Speech of Dr. Enrico Sartori

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00014 - Speech of Dr. Jean-Claude Nimal

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00015 - Closing by Dr. Michele Ferenci

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Statement of Peer review

1. Nuclear Data, Radiation Detection, Measurements & Dosimetry

2. Shielding Experiments & Benchmarks

3. Accelerators & Fusion Facilities

4. Medical Facilities, Radiotherapy & Medical Applications, Space Dosimetry & Shielding

5. Fission Facilities, Fuel Cycle & Waste Management Facilities, Decommissioning

6. Calculation Methods Monte Carlo & Deterministic

7. Poster Presentations

8. Special Sessions

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